How to Clean up Your Cells With Autophagy Fasting

In this video you will discover how to clean up your cells with intermittent fasting through a process called autophagy. If you’ve been wondering how to induce autophagy, when autophagy starts during a fast, and how this works within your cells; watch this video!

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Autophagy is activated during intermittent fasting. When does autophagy start? I would hypothesize that autophagy is induced around the 16 hour mark of a fast. This also depends on whether or not you go into the fast in ketosis or not.

Autophagy has many benefits, one of them is that it activates the clean up of your cells.

When the body does not have food, it needs to get energy from somewhere; so it goes for damaged cells, proteins and DNA.

💀 We have cells within our body that begin to dysfunction, and they stick around causing us to age faster. We call them zombie cells — because they refuse to die.

🤬 As they build up in your body, studies suggest, they promote aging and the conditions that come with it like osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

🥺 Zombie cells are actually called senescent cells. They start out normal but then encounter a stress, like damage to their DNA or viral infection. At that point, a cell can choose to die or become a zombie, basically entering a state of suspended animation.

😫 The problem is that zombie cells release chemicals that can harm nearby normal cells. That’s where the trouble starts.

🧐 Researchers have also shown that transplanting zombie cells into young mice basically made them act older: their maximum walking speed slowed down, and their muscle strength and endurance decreased. Tests showed the implanted cells converted other cells to zombie status. 😔

🛁 One of the best ways to kill off these zombie cells is a process called autophagy. 🧼

😳 Autophagy literally means “eat thy self”; it’s the process of cleaning up damaged cells. ✨

Think of the refrigerator you have inside your kitchen. 🧀🥗🥛

🥘 It has groceries that all have an expiration date. What will happen if you let these groceries expire, and instead of throwing the expired food in the trash, you push it toward the back of the fridge? 🤔

🤢 This is going to lead to a toxic environment! Mold, bacteria, and many other disgusting processes will occur.

💯 The human body is like this refrigerator; it has cells, fats, and proteins that all have expiration dates on them.

⏱ If you aren’t intentionally “taking out the trash” so-to-speak, within your body; this can lead to diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. 👎🏻 🍽

⏰ Fasting helps your body get rid of these expired products! Fasting triggers the process of autophagy, which breaks down and recycles dysfunctional proteins, and cellular debris.

This is why world-renowned cancer doctor Thomas Seyfried says, “If you complete a seven-day water only fast, once per year, you reduce your chances of getting any cancer by up to 95%!” 😳😳😳

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