How to Balance Neurotransmitters in the Brain Naturally With Dr Ann Barter

Dr Ann Barter shares what is serotonin and how to produce serotonin naturally, and what how to balance neurotransmitters in the brain naturally. You’ll also discover the best foods to improve mood, and the worst foods for mood.

In this episode, Dr. Ann talks all about neurotransmitters. First, she explains that neurotransmitters are the messengers in our body; they are crucial to our overall health and happiness. If you’re curious about how well your neurotransmitters are working, Dr. Ann recommends getting an Organic Acids Test (OAT) done. Plus, Dr. Ann reveals which supplements she recommends to her patients struggling with dopamine levels. Tune in as we talk about the effect carbs will have on dopamine and why ketosis is so essential for our neurotransmitter health.

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[02:15] About Dr. Ann

[05:15] Why Dr. Ann Loves Neurotransmitters
– Dr. Ann meets patients who just can’t change their diets. Person after person, Dr. Ann wanted to know what was going on.

[09:15] About Neurotransmitters
– Neurotransmitters are messengers for your body.
– They work in the brain and make us feel good. However, they also run digestion, muscle coordination, and other functions.
– When we think about adrenal health, dopamine shares a pathway with our fight or flight chemicals. It’s associated with our adrenal health. Sometimes when someone is exhausted, it could be dopamine depletion.
– Dopamine can become depleted for a variety of reasons. Some people do not methylate correctly. Chronic stress can also deplete dopamine.

[11:45] How Methylation Works
– You need certain chemicals to make the dopamine conversion.
– When Dr. Ann runs testing, people are depleted in Vitamin C, B6, and magnesium.

[16:15] Getting The Organic Acids Test
– There are other tests, but Dr. Ann uses an Organic Acids Test.
– If someone has dopamine depletion, it could be related to something they have been exposed to.

[22:00] Recommending Supplements
– When someone goes to see Dr. Ann, they have poor gut health. That’s why Dr. Ann will recommend supplements.
– If you are chronically iron deficient, then something in the gut could be creating inflammation.
– Dr. Ann would like to kill critters before supplementing.
– If you can optimize your gut, you can get the necessary vitamins and minerals through your food.
– Dr. Ann will give a product that has B6, B9, B12, and B2. However, she checks with the individual where they are high and where they are low.

[24:40] How Carbs Will Affect Our Dopamine
– Processed carbs make our neurotransmitters pop up and crash even lower than before.
– When you have been overeating carbs, you try and increase your dopamine levels. However, the dopamine will be lower than they were before.

[33:10] The Benefits Of Ketosis On Neurotransmitters
– All hormones rise in ketosis.
– Being in ketosis is beneficial for neurotransmitters as long as you are not too depleted.
– If someone is starving themselves, then it may not be beneficial for neurotransmitters.
– As a general rule, fasting is good for neurotransmitters.

[39:20] The Best Foods For Neurotransmitters

[50:40] How To Know What You’re Lacking
– Run an Organic Acids Test (OAT) to see what’s going on.
– It’s a urine test.

[52:40] Increasing Glutathione
– Dr. Ann will give it to her patients straight – it is critical for overall health.
– Also, Dr. Ann recommends a glutathione liposomal.

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