How to achieve weight loss with intermittent fasting

Chantel Ray reveals how intermittent fasting can be used for the ketogenic diet, paleo diet, and all diets for weight loss that sticks. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE

In this episode, Chantel Ray reveals her dieting journey and how she finally figured out the secret to weight loss. Chantel describes her FIRES Principle and explains that hara hachi bu means to stop eating when you’re 80% full. Plus, Chantel says to make sure that you are eating slow, appreciating your food, and being intentional. Stay tuned as Chantel dives into the correlation between fasting and your thyroid.

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[00:40] About Chantel Ray
– Chantel realized that lean, healthy ladies did intermittent fasting, but they didn’t know they did it.

[04:00] About the FIRES Principle
– F – Fasting
– I – Identify true hunger
– R – Reducing sugar
– E – Enjoying real food without deprivation
– S – Stop before you’re full
– Hara hachi bu is a teaching that says you should stop eating when you’re 80% full. Americans eat until they are 105% full.
– If you like to eat fast, work hard to slow down.

[10:30] What Happens To The Thyroid While Fasting
– Fasting puts stress on your body.
– When you are in a place where you are under high stress, then fasting may not be the right fit for you.
– Chantel has had massive amounts of problems with her thyroid. A lot of it has to do with hormones. Certain days Chantel can fast, and she does great. However, the time of the month is such a big piece of fasting.
– Your hormones play a big piece to your fasting. When you try to fast the week before your period it is a recipe for disaster.

[20:45] How To Support The Thyroid
– You need iodine for the thyroid to function.
– If fasting is not working for you, there could be five issues going on:
– You are taking some sort of medication that is making you feel bad.
– You are missing out on certain supplements.
– Your hormones are out of whack.
– Your blood sugar levels are out of whack.
– Electrolytes are low.
– Get to the root cause of why you can’t fast.

[25:30] The Importance of Eating Intentionally
– Eating too many carbs and sugar will pack on pounds and make you feel terrible.
– Chantel reduces the amount of carbs and sugars that she eats throughout the day. If there’s something that she really wants, then she only takes three bites.
– It’s essential to understand your body and your hormones. If you want something, then be intentional about it.

[29:00] Advice For Fasting Skeptics
– When Chantel first started fasting, she didn’t lose a single pound for three weeks.
– After three weeks, Chantel lost six pounds.
– With fasting, you are building more muscle and losing fat. So, you won’t be seeing results on the scale.
– For Chantel, she is able to keep her weight steady using fasting.
– Fasting is a lifestyle change, not a lose weight quick scheme.

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