How the Lymphatic System Works with Kelly Kennedy

Kelly Kennedy reveals how to practice dry brushing, why cancer is a symptom and not the problem, the role of the lymphatic system and the fascia, and more! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE

In this episode, Kelly Kennedy dives into her healing journey. After a nasty car accident and her father’s untimely passing, Kelly went through hell and back to heal her body, mind, and spirit. To heal, Kelly needed to come to terms with her emotional turmoil. The critical component is the ability to “be.” Also, Kelly explores the issues with having scars and the importance of understanding our fascia. Stay tuned as we talk about why you should have an actual armpit and the correct way to dry brush.

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[01:40] About Kelly Kennedy

[17:40] The Issues With Having Scars
– Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue surrounding and holding every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place.
– If you pick up a chicken to cook it, you’ll see fascia underneath the skin.
– The fascia holds everything together. It’s the secondary nervous system because it is in complete communication with the skin and the fluid. The liquid inside our fascia is blood and lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic fluid is the space between our cells.
– If the fascia is tight, then the lymphatic fluid can’t flow properly.
– When the fascia snags, it creates a scar.
– “Blood follows where energy goes.” -Kelly Kennedy
– Use scar therapy to get the blood flowing again.

[31:10] The Ways We Can Fine-Tune Our Emotions
– Since the car accident, Kelly realized that nothing is a mistake. The hardest thing for Kelly to do is to “be.”
– When we are still, all the thoughts come in. The pain will come back when we have unsettling thoughts.
– Most of us are not in survival mode. It’s time to get into parasympathetic mode.
– Start letting things go. However, don’t do “work.” Just spend time with yourself in a quiet space. See what’s going on in your head.
– At the end of the day, no matter where you go or what you do, you’ll still have your thoughts.
– We need to clean our fears, worries, dreads, anger, and resentment. Instead, come from love.
– “The reality is we create our own reality.” – Kelly Kennedy

[43:00] Why You Should Have An Armpit
– Everyone in the world should have an armpit.
– Some people are puffy where there should be an armpit – this is stagnant lymphatics.
– If you look swollen in your neck area, that’s a little bit of lymph fluid that’s swelling.
– Lymph fluid should be flowing like water.

[47:00] How To Dry Brush
– Open up your endpoints first. If your endpoints are shut down, then nothing can move through.
– Start from the head then move downward.
– Pump open your lymph. It should be light and gentle.
– Dry brush in your shower.
– Brush toward your heart. Go close first, then go farther out. For instance, start at your armpit, arm, then your wrist.
– Use the intention to bring it all into your heart.
– The whole process should take about five minutes.
– “Less is more with the lymph.” -Kelly Kennedy


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