How Mouthwash Could Be Causing Health Issues In Your Body With Dr Amy Killen

Dr Amy Killen reveals mouthwash side effects. You’ll learn why antiseptic mouthwash can be causing health issues in your body, including lowered nitric oxide levels which leads to sexual dysfunction.

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The best antiseptic mouthwash is to avoid them all. Switch to natural alternatives. There’s a link between mouthwash nitric oxide levels reduction. Discover the mouthwash sexual dysfunction connection.

Antiseptic Mouthwash Is Bad For You: Dr. Killen Explains The Problem
Antiseptic mouthwash kills the bacteria in the mouth.
When there are no bacteria in your mouth, it prevents you from making nitric oxide from food.
Nitric oxide is essential for sexual health and erections.
If you’re using antiseptic mouthwash and you’re taking an antacid, it can decrease your sexual function.

Dr. Killen is fellowship-trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has done extensive additional training in aesthetics, platelet-rich plasma and stem cells, hair restoration, bio-identical hormones, nutrition, fitness, and sexual health.

Dr. Killen is the Medical Director of BioRestoration Medical, a busy clinic with a comprehensive, integrative approach to health located in Draper, Utah. She also works at Docere Medical in Park City, Utah, with Dr. Harry Adelson, providing cutting-edge regenerative medical treatments for a host of different conditions.

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