How Does Cancer Spread & How to Prevent Cancer | Dr Nasha Winters

Dr Nasha Winters reveals why cancer spreads through the body, how to prevent cancer, why keto is the best diet for cancer, the role fasting can play with cancer, and more.

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[00:00] How To Process The Loss Of Somebody You Love And Adore

[09:40] What We Can Do To Extend Our Lifespan
Our fountain of youth resides in the health and wealth of our mitochondria.
These mitochondrial conditions make you age faster and be more susceptible to chronic illness processes.

[21:12] Metabolic vs. Somatic Theories of Cancer Explained
Somatic theory is the concept that our DNA accumulates damages to its structure over time and then sets off a path to a cancer process.
Metabolic theory instead conceptualizes that we can see where the cancer cells stem from and that we can make a difference.
Our mitochondria are the “genome protectors;” the key to warding off cancerous cells. So keeping them healthy is crucial.
This is where Dr. Nasha sees hope in the vision of cancer, that we can make a difference.

[28:12] What Is Affecting Cancerous Cell Replication + What You Can Do About It
Once an unhealthy cell switches its fuel source to sugar and starts replicating, it will just keep replicating.
Our ability to break to kill off those damaged, dysfunctional or rogue cells is under the complete guidance of our mitochondria. So if our mitochondria are unhealthy, damaged, or inefficient, they cannot stop the attacks.
But if you get your body fat down and build up your muscle, you actually start to increase your storage and effectiveness, and efficiency of your mitochondria.
Dr. Nasha has found that she can help patients take the mitochondria they have and strengthen them through powerful tools like intermittent fasting, cryotherapy.

[37:47] The Importance of Metabolic Flexibility
Fasting for cancer can be extremely important cancer prevention tips.
In a 1909 study, it was found that simply fasting cytotoxically reduced the size of a tumor.
If you take fasting and pair it with chemo, you get a synergy, like a double whammy. All while protecting those healthy mitochondria from the damaging effects of that chemo or that radiation.
Most oncologists still aren’t supporting their patients fasting during chemo.

[46:23] How Exogenous Ketones Help During Radiation
Exogenous ketones can help to give a running start to people who are new to low carb or need to get primed for a particular chemotherapy.
Another great way to get into ketosis is a three-day water fast. Those doing this around their chemo find exogenous ketones keep them feeling pretty good.

[50:18] What Level of Ketones Are Optimal For Radiation + Therapeutic Ketosis
Dr. Nasha wants them in therapeutic ketosis.
For people to get into a level of three and higher, you have to be very metabolically flexible and/or taking exogenous ketones.
What gets someone to a certain level of ketones is unique to the person.
Not only are bodies unique on their own, but all the stress and different medications can make it even harder to get into ketosis during cancer treatment.

[53:40] Dr. Nasha’s Favorite Inflammatory Markers
Dr. Nasha’s trifecta: C Reactive Protein (CRP), Sedimentation Rate (ESR), and Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)
CRP is prognostic for many things. If you have an elevated CRP at the time of your breast cancer diagnosis or colorectal cancer diagnosis, you have a poor prognosis.
If the cells fall out fast, that is good; you want flow in your blood. If they fall out slow, your blood is more gelatinous and also means you have more inflammation in your tissues.
LDH is the most important test for your metabolic health. If your LDH is high, your mitochondria are off.
They are more sensitive and specific than any other cancer marker. The above is important for how to prevent breast cancer and all cancers.

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