How Do You Know If You’re in Ketosis | Dorian Greenow with Keto Mojo

Dorian Greenow from Keto Mojo reveals how you know if you’re in ketosis. We discuss the best and worst ways to test for ketones. Optimal glucose and ketone ranges to hit, and more.

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[00:00] How Dorian Greenow Got Involved In The Health Space
– After diving into science, a low-carb diet made sense. Over a period of three months, his weight dropped off, and he got off all of the antidepressants.
– In 2017, Dorian and his wife lost their house. They used the last of their money to start Keto-Mojo.

[05:50] Why You Should Start Testing Your Ketones
– Measurement is the first step that leads to control.
– Once you can control something, you can improve upon it.
– There are different types of tests between blood, breath, and urine. Blood is the gold standard.
– Why are you choosing to go on a ketogenic diet? When you learn your why, it will become a lot easier to follow the lifestyle.
– First, you’ll want to know if you’re in ketosis or if you’re not in ketosis. That way, you can tell what types of foods are kicking you out of ketosis.
– “Let the data drive you.” -Dorian

[16:50] The Reason You Shouldn’t Measure Ketones With Urine Strips
– With urine strips, you don’t get clear digital granularity. Also, it can be really affected by hydration.
– If the strip is dark, people think they are in ketosis. However, it most likely means that the person is dehydrated.
– In addition, the ketone breath meter are pretty much useless. They were originally designed for methane detection. To get acetone in the breath, you have a tiny level of resistance.
– Plus, there is no method of control for both the urine strips and the breath analyzers.

[24:15] The Optimal Ranges You Want To Aim For With Your Results
– We give a keto mojo review
– We love ketone blood test strips for accuracy
– Nutritional ketosis starts around 0.5 – 1.52.
– Over 1.52 into 3 and 4 will be a deeper ketosis zone.
– With blood glucose, 80 – 100 is what you’re going for in the morning.
– When trying out new food, a 30 point rise should be concerning.
– Visit Keto-Mojo:

[32:40] Will Coffee Break Your Fast? Use Data To Find Out
– Will you have a reaction to coffee? It depends on what you put in it.
– People need to become their own mentors by using data.
– Use data to guide your eating habits. That way, you can see whether or not certain foods are right for you.
– The person who’s going to be most successful is the one who finds their path.
– Keto is a lifestyle; it’s not a diet.

[35:45] Measuring The Maximum Autophagy State With GKI
– If you do a test within four minutes of each other – glucose and ketone test, and you download it to the Keto-Mojo app, which is free, it’ll calculate the GKI.
– 6 – 9 is light nutritional ketosis.
– 3 – 6 is deep ketosis.
– 1 – 3 is a high therapeutic zone.
– 1 is really hard to get into.
– Ketones are actually human’s default fuel source. Glucose was not meant to be our default.
– In nature, carbs are rare. We evolved as a species by eating meat. Burning fat is our primal birthright

[45:10] MyMojoHealth Cloud Connects Data to Many Platforms

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