How Cycling Women Should Follow Keto (WEEKLY BREAKDOWN) | Dr Stephanie Estima

Dr Stephanie Estima reveals a week by week breakdown on how menstruating women should follow the keto diet. You’ll discover how different hormones fluctuate throughout the month, and how to pair this nicely with ketosis and intermittent fasting.

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Dr. Stephanie Estima studied Neuroscience and Psychology before becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. She has been in private practice for 16 years where she is helps people achieve extraordinary health at her Toronto clinic -The Health Loft.

Also, she is the host of Better with Dr. Stephanie. This show is for high performing women who want to have BETTER bodies, BETTER minds, BETTER relationships, BETTER sex, and BETTER families.

In this Keto Kamp Podcast episode, Dr. Stephanie Estima opens the show by explaining how she discovered that keto cycling could benefit your menstrual cycle. Period symptoms should not be considered normal. Instead, we should think of them as warning signs that our body needs something. Every symptom can be a vital sign of something more profound and more significant. Then, Dr. Stephanie dives deep into the menstrual cycle. She explains what you should be eating during each part of your cycle.

Menstruation During Ketosis – Keto Diet and Women’s Hormones
Here is what it looks like to do keto during your period.
– Week 1: When we think about the first week of our cycle, it’s the bleed week.
– Most hormones have gone on vacation during this time. FHS is still around (follicle-stimulating hormone). One lucky egg will be developed. So, it’s a wonderful week for vegetables.
– The first two weeks of your cycle are all about developing your follicle – you will be more resilient to restrict carbohydrates. It’s a nice week for fasting because we don’t have progesterone.

– Week 2: After the bleed week and into the second week, it’s the week before ovulation.
– Ovulation is the main event – it’s the whole point of your menstrual cycle.
– Whether or not you want a child, that’s what your body wants to do.
– In this week, we see estrogen. Estrogen is designed for growth because we want to develop the follicle.
– The other hormone that comes up is testosterone. In this week, your interest in sex should go up.

– Week 3: Week three happens after your ovulation.
– Now, your egg can hang around and wait for sperm.
– The entire hormonal landscape is going to change.
– Back off aggressive fasting this week.
– Give yourself flexibility- we are much more sensitive than our male counterparts.
– Add resistant starches to your diet during this week. Resistant starches are foods that will resist digestion. It cannot be broken down in the small intestine. Instead, they will go into the large intestine. Luckily, they don’t count toward your carbohydrate intake. Some examples of resistant starches: green bananas, green plantains, raw potatoes, cold rice,

– Week 4: Peak week!
– During a blood test this week, all of the things will be down.
– Relax on keto this week and pump up the calories.
– Get out of ketosis – eat squash, sweet potato, and fruit.

The Importance Of Listening To Our Body
– Listen to your body and what it is trying to tell you.
– If you really like to increase fat on a certain week, then do it.
– Dr. Stephanie only has best practices. However, every woman is different, unique, and beautiful.

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