Having Trouble Losing Weight? Snacking Could be The Reason! With Megan Ramos

If you’re having trouble losing weight, Megan Ramos reveals why snacking is bad your results. If you stopped losing weight on keto or any other diet, watch this video to learn why fasting away from snacks can be beneficial for weight loss.

A popular question in the health space is snacking bad? The answer is yes.

When you are eating every 3 hours and grazing throughout the day, you are in a constant fed state.

You might have heard of Megan Ramos Fasting Method along with Dr Jason Fung.

Megan Ramos fasting for weight loss is a high demand search term because she has figured out how to break a weight loss stall.

Megan shares why eating frequently to lose weight is a myth, and actually causes more harm than good.

Leading to things such as insulin resistance, pcos, and metabolic syndrome.

Learn more about Megan Ramos: http://www.thefastingmethod.com

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