Get Rid of Back Pain For Good By Changing Your Sleep Position | Dr Peter Martone

Dr Peter Martone reveals how to restore cervical curve so you can get rid of back pain for good. Dr Martone shares the best sleeping position for low back pain, lymphatic drainage, and better overall sleep.

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[00:00] Dr. Martone Had Years of Back Pain All Because of His Sleep Position
Dr. Martone has always had back pain. He attributed it to working out a lot and being super active.
Dr. Martone realized that his back pain was a result of his sleep posture.
In the spine, you’re supposed to have a curve in your neck.
If you’re using a pillow in the wrong position, then it can flatten the curve.

[08:00] Is It True That The Best Sleep Position Is On Your Side?
The best sleeping position is on your back.
There’s a study that shows side sleeping is best for lymphatic drainage.
When you’re horizontal, your body actually heals at night.
Lymphatic drainage will detoxify the neural tissue in the body.
The nervous system is the most important system of the human body; your spine protects that nervous system.
So, we should be focusing on our spinal structure when sleeping.

[12:45] Wolff’s Law and Davis’s Law Will Determine How Your Body Adapts
If you constantly stress the tissue, the body will adapt by building more tissue.
If you’re constantly in one position all day long, then you will lose the cervical curve in your neck.

[15:15] These Common Symptoms Means Your Sleeping Posture Is Incorrect
If your spine is damaged, it can cause serious side effects.
Spine damage can alter your:
Ability to lose weight
Ability to take a deep breath
Your sleep position can suppress your immune system, digestive system, and reproductive system.
If you have autoimmune issues, breathing issues, or chronic digestion issues, then you should take a hard look at your sleeping position.

[25:10] Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Has A Strong Connection To Your Sleep
So your body has two systems, you have your thrive systems, and then survival systems.
The thrive systems include reproductive, digestive, and immune.
Your survival systems are engaged to keep you alive. These include your body temperature, your skeletal system, and your cardiovascular system.
Your body is growing, healing, and nurturing at night.
Your heart rate is very irregular at night.
The HRV is an algorithm that measures the variability of the heart and can give you a score.
The more variable your heartbeat is, in general, the healthier you are. You want a higher HRV.

[30:10] Sleep With Your Arms and Your Legs Uncovered – Dr. Martone Explains Why
The core temperature of your body needs to cool very rapidly in order to get really good deep sleep.
Your body only cares about the core temperature; it does not care about your hands and your feet.

[35:10] All About The Neck Nest and How It Can Help You Sleep Better At Night
The Neck Nest is designed to hug your neck.
When you purchase the Neck Nest, there’s a period where you need to break it in.
The neck nest is designed to be sleep support for your neck, not your head.
You can use the Neck Nest every night for relief from muscle tension and stiffness, headache, back, and neck pain.
It cradles your neck while keeping the shoulders, head, and spine perfectly aligned.
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[43:20] Changing Nothing But Your Sleep Position, Or Posture Will Increase Heart Rate Variability By 30%
Changing your sleep position alone and getting a good deep quality sleep will improve your HRV by about 30%.
It depends on how long your body will take to get used to being on your back.
It can take anywhere between two or three months for your HRV to adjust.

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