Dr Ken Berry | The BEST Ways to Reduce Inflammation In Your Body

Dr Ken Berry reveals the best ways to reduce inflammation so you can lose weight and feel good. Yes, you can reduce inflammation with diet. You’ll also learn how to measure inflammation, and the best foods to eat for inflammation.

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[03:06] Defining Inflammation: Acute Inflammation Vs. Chronic Inflammation
– First off, there are good and useful inflammations. Acute inflammation is where you get injured from a sprained ankle, for example, the swelling there is good; it’s the first step in healing.
– Acute inflammation is not what we are talking about today.
– The enemy is chronic inflammation.
– This inflammation is almost always caused by something in your environment getting into your body.
– This leads to chronic inflammation in your body while it is trying to cope with the everyday insult of the toxins.

[09:50] Metabolic Health: Inflammation, Obesity, And The Concerns Around Dairy Products
– Up until about year five, children drink milk regularly and are able to process it well.
– However, around the age of five, our biochemical machinery starts to shut off the ability to break down lactose.

[18:30] Shocking! Another Inflammatory Food That May Surprise You
– A food that many people think is healthy, but is surprisingly inflammatory, is nuts.
– Even though nuts are looked at as a healthy snack, they are actually very carb-heavy and can slow down your weight loss.
– Cutting nuts out of your diet may seem restrictive, but not meeting your goals and being able to do whatever you want to in a day physically is really what is restrictive.

[23:23] Why The Carnivore Diet Is Beneficial For Reducing Inflammation
– The carnivore diet, by definition, is the lowest carbohydrate diet you can eat. It is as close to zero carb as you can get.
– It also eliminates all the other foods that people could potentially be allergic to, such as the proteins in dairy or the phytochemicals in plants.
– Dr. Berry believes that meat and eggs are the least inflammatory foods on the planet, not including water.
– Meat is also the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, especially if you add organ meat to your diet.

[31:28] Essential Lab Markers To Get When Assessing Your Inflammation
– For inflammation, good markers to get are CRP, whether it’s high sensitivity or cardiac, sed rate and ESR are great. Another is homocysteine, as well as the ferritin level.
– Many people think ferritin is just a marker of iron deficiency, but it is way more than that.
– If a patient is over 35, these are all lab markers that should be checked to tell the doctor so much about their metabolic health.
– Without these labs, someone could be walking around with pre-diabetes, undiagnosed hyperinsulinemia, hypertriglyceridemia, etc. This is crucial information to determine their metabolic health.

[36:48] Are Statins Always Necessary When Cholesterol is Elevated?
– If a patient has good levels otherwise, has never had a heart attack, and has a CAC score less than 1000, there is no research showing that they would benefit from taking a statin.
– If the patient has had a heart attack in the past or has a CAC above 1000, they may benefit from a low dose.
– Elevated cholesterol can become “background noise” or not a sense of concern if you have transformed your health overall.

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