Dr Bruce Lipton | How Stress Affects The Body and Mind

Dr Bruce Lipton reveals how stress is killing us, how stress affects the immune system, the best way to overcome stress & more!

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In this episode, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains the basics of what stem cells are and why they are so important in gene expression research. Dr. Lipton also emphasizes the importance of understanding that our cell receptors can pick up energy vibrations and how our cells use that information to send signals to our brains! Last but not least, Dr. Lipton discusses how stress hormones are stealing energy from our bodies and how we can reprogram our minds to limit these stressors through the fundamentals of habit changing.

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[00:00] The Basics of Stem Cells & Signals From The Environment
– This shows that the expression of cells is not controlled by genes but by signals from the environment.

[16:54] How Energy Frequencies And Our Cell Receptors Intertwine
– Receptors pick up signals from the environment and adjust the body accordingly to live in that environment.

[19:50] How Our Frequencies Communicate With DNA to Produce Proteins
– When we see something we love, our brain translates that into complementary chemistry.
– When we are in love, dopamine is released by the brain, goes into the blood, goes into the cells, and engages them in a pleasurable sensation.
– Oxytocin is also released when you are feeling love. It sends the signal to your brain to bond with whatever you are feeling love towards.
– These love hormones promote growth and vitality.
– Likewise, when we see something that scares us, chemicals are also released.
– But on the other hand, the chemicals released when we are scared do not promote growth; they instead use that energy to get the body ready to run away.

[24:16] How Stress Hormones Steal From Your Body
– Stress hormones cause the body to shut down the energy used in growth and maintenance, the immune system, and the system’s intelligence.
– The immune system uses a great deal of energy; however, when the body is introduced to stress hormones, it takes energy away from the immune system and gives that energy to get the body ready for stressful situations.
– When this system was designed, it was helpful because, if a tiger was chasing you, after 10 minutes and you used all of your energy and escaped, you could go back to growth and health again.
– In today’s world, stress is involved in so many parts of our everyday lives that we are releasing stress hormones all day, and our body is not able to maintain itself. the best way to handle stress is with love.

[33:08] Knowledge Is The Key To Reprogramming The Mind

[42:59] DNA Is A Blueprint And The Mind Is An Architect
– DNA can be thought of as a blueprint used to make the proteins that are the body’s building blocks.
– This means that instead of the popular idea that genes can turn themselves on and off, they are actually just read or not read.
– As the DNA is the blueprint, the mind is the architect. Meaning that if something in the blueprint needs to be changed, it has the power to do so. This also allows it to adapt to its environment.

[49:46] Reprogramming To The Side Of Abundance And Love vs. Fear
– The biggest problem of changing a program is to recognize that the program occurs in the subconscious.
– The subconscious is a habit mind, and it is not open to randomly changing a habit. It wants to hold onto that habit, and it will resist change as much as possible.
– This works because the level of brain activity below consciousness is theta. So, the discussion is happening in your subconscious instead of your conscious brain.
– The second fundamental way to change a habit is practice.
– Last, there is a new form of psychology called energy psychology.

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