Dr Benjamin Bikman | How High Insulin Causes Kidney Disease & The Best Ways to Support Your Kidneys

Dr Benjamin Bikman reveals the best ways to reset your metabolism, reverse insulin resistance, how to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia, support your kidneys & more.

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[00:00] Are You Addicted To Hate? Most Humans Struggle With This

[16:00] Differences In the Hippocampus of Alzheimer’s Brains vs. Control Brains
In a new study, they were able to obtain samples of the hippocampus from donors who had passed away both with and without Alzheimer’s disease.
When comparing the control brains and the Alzheimer’s brains, they found a profound reduction in almost every gene involved in glucose metabolism in the Alzheimer’s brains.
In ketone metabolism, both the control and the Alzheimer’s brains looked totally normal.
This is a massive step in Alzheimer’s research because it shows that it is not a plaque disorder as people believe; it is a metabolic disorder.

[19:20] The Effect of Sphingolipids In The Brain – A Mystery Solved
There is a class of fats in our cells called sphingolipids.
The first is causing the hippocampus to become insulin resistant.
The second is sphingolipids directly alter the function of mitochondria.

[26:34] Hypertrophy vs. Hyperplasia Fat Growth
Hypertrophy is where the number of fat cells is set, but each fat cell itself gets bigger.
An alternative mechanism of growth is hyperplasia, where the fat cell gets a little big, and then we make another fat cell and then make another fat cell, and it continues.
Hyperplasia is essentially limitless fat growth.
If you can grow fat cells through hyperplasia, they stay very insulin sensitive, and the body stays insulin sensitive.

[34:00] The Humble Kidney: It’s A Tissue That’s In High Demand!
People look at the humble kidney and think that it is just filtering blood, it is doing much more. It also regulates the hormones responding to insulin. But even further, it is actually what sends the signal when the body is getting low on oxygen.

[37:58] Three Ways We Can Support Our Kidneys
One of the most important ways to keep our kidneys healthy is to stay hydrated. The importance of learning to breathe better to increase blood flow through the body. Using strategic vasodilation with brief breath holds from time to time, especially while moving. Keeping your insulin low is also important for kidney health. Diabetic kidney disease is very common. You’ll learn here how does diabetes cause kidney disease. Keto is the perfect kidney disease diet. If insulin is high, then insulin is forcing aldosterone to be high. Then aldosterone tells the kidneys to hold onto all this stuff that we don’t want to hold onto.

[42:59] Has Anybody Ever Died From Type Two Diabetes?
Diabetes is considered the seventh leading cause of death.
Type two diabetes is overwhelmingly the most common form of diabetes.
This occurs when their glucose levels are so massively high that they become hypoglyemic.

[47:18] The Effect Of Salt On Insulin Sensitivity May Surprise You
When insulin is up, it pushes aldosterone to be up, which forces the kidney to hold onto more salt and water.
More water means higher blood volume, which in turn means higher pressure, leading to hypertension.
If you restrict salt, the body becomes determined to hold onto any salt that it can. This makes the body insulin resistant.
The body makes itself insulin resistant in this scenario because it will raise insulin, which will raise aldosterone, making the body retain salt.
Today’s often dietary advice to cut salt is exacerbating insulin resistance.

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