Does Keto Cause Heart Disease? Keto Blood Work Review

Does eating a ketogenic diet cause high cholesterol? Is high cholesterol linked to heart disease? Discover the untold truth in this video. ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” |

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This study shows more people die with heart disease with normal to low cholesterol than high cholesterol:

🙏 Don’t be afraid of cholesterol. God made it. Your are made up of it.

💯 It’s vegetables oils and excessive carbohydrates that is the problem.

👇 Here are 4 Purposes of Cholesterol …

1: Cholesterol is the building block for many hormones.

🔥 If you want to burn fat, and feel good, take care of your hormones.

🤬Without adequate cholesterol your sex hormones would be depleted.

2: Cholesterol makes up your cell membrane.

💪 Your cell membrane is the bodyguard of your DNA. It protects it from damage. Did you know that the membrane is made up of protein, fat, and CHOLESTEROL?

🙌 Life begins and ends at the cell membrane.

3: Cholesterol makes up the brain and part of nervous system.

🧠 Our brain is at least 60% fat! When someone calls you a fathead, smile at them and say thanks. 😁

🍼 Breast milk contains saturated fat and cholesterol, helping the baby go in and out of ketosis; this helps the development of the brain.

4: Cholesterol helps make bile and vitamin D.

👏 Bile is SUPER important on the Keto Diet. Bile acts as a detergent to break down fats.

🥴 The number one reason people feel like crap on the keto diet is sluggish bile.

😯 We need cholesterol to make Vitamin D. Vitamin D actually becomes a hormone within the body, particularly a secosteroid hormone.

☀️ What we know as vitamin D is really a precursor to a steroid hormone. It impacts not only our skeletal structure, but also our blood pressure, immunity, mood, brain function and ability to protect ourselves from cancer.

🥩🥥🧀🥑🍳 Don’t be afraid of eating healthy fats like eggs, butter, grass fed beef, coconut oil, and avocados.

🤔 Did you know?

😳 Most people die with heart disease who have normal to low cholesterol, than with high cholesterol!

📚 Read The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz to learn more:


01:45 The history of Ancel Keys
03:00 Is high cholesterol on keto a bad thing?
04:20 Study that shows more people die with heart disease with normal to low cholesterol
04:55 Cholesterol build your sex hormones
05:45 The cell membrane is made of protein, saturated fat and cholesterol.
06:55 Your brain and nervous system is made of cholesterol
07:30 Cholesterol helps to make bile and vitamin D.
08:42 Why total LDL doesn’t mean much, and why you should look at the particles of your LDL via the NMR test.
11:58 Which tests to request from your doctor and the optimal cholesterol and inflammation range
12:45 What is the optimal range HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL to triglycerides ratios?
13:15 Inflammatory blood markers to request from your doctor
14:30 Do eggs cause high cholesterol? Which foods cause high cholesterol?
15:00 The real cause of heart disease

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