Diet Doctor — Past, present, and future with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt — Diet Doctor Podcast

“Reduce your carbs and increase your fat” is a long-held message behind low-carb nutrition. As Diet Doctor founder and CEO Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt explains, this has been his message since he started as a family physician in Sweden.

But as Dr. Eenfeldt evolved, so did Diet Doctor. By reacting to evolving science and clinical experience, Diet Doctor began promoting the importance of protein and the role for “nutrient density,” “satiety per calorie,” and other concepts seemingly at odds with the simplistic message of increasing your fat intake.

Here is Dr. Eenfeldt’s explanation of how this came to be as we discuss the past, present, and future of

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
2:21 Dr. Eenfeldt’s journey in founding Diet Doctor
9:22 The progression of the low carb and keto message
13:14 Dr. Eenfeldt on the nutrition polarization
17:35 How the science of nutrition could co-exist with anecdotal experiences
23:18 A slight alteration to the low-carb message
28:55 Simplifying the message “find what works for you”
36:34 The future of nutrition science and Diet Doctor
42:41 How Diet Doctor boils down the general advice to practice
48:42 Conclusion

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