Detecting bias in science — 2 new examples

We would like to think that bias happens in the media, and not in the scientific journals. But think again. Here are two examples of clear bias in reporting, including one from the most expensive nutritional randomized trial ever. How can you see through the bias? How do you know what to believe? Our video attempts to help you understand some of these questions.

An example of evaluating for bias and helpful tips on how to see through it:

Read more about the studies mentioned in this video:

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Some Weight Loss Tips to Lose The Extra Pounds

Want to lose those extra pounds? Well, you’re not alone on your dilemma. According to the WHO website, obesity statistics worldwide have reached 1.4 billion in 2008 (adults), while around 40 million children aged no more than 5 years are found obese in 2010. Here are some healthy weight loss tips to shed those excess fats.

African Mango, Another Fad Diet Product?

At this point we are all used to seeing so many different dieting fads come and go. At first glance, it may seem that African Mango is just another fad diet product whose only purpose is to generate advertising dollars. The African mango diet, however, has been getting some major street credibility in the United States after being featured all over TV and radio.

Can This Small Raspberry Really Help With Weight Loss?

A well balanced diet and regular exercise can do wonders for your figure, and upholding these two habits will ultimately keep you fit and healthy. However, for people who have problems with their weight, slow metabolism, and have a higher amount of fat, these two things might not immediately gain results.

Fast Weight Loss Plan – What Is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight?

Looking for an ideal fast weight loss plan? This article looks at what are the issues you need to consider in order for your plan to work well and that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Flat Tummy and Pizza, Per Favore!

We are built to move and whatever we need to do throughout the day is closely related to… a physical exercise. Simple. Think about how much we should move, to do our daily duties and how much we actually skipping these simple movements just to make our lives easier.

Green Coffee Pills: Do They Really Work?

Green coffee is nothing new, but green coffee pills certainly are! Learn about this unique and natural diet product that may be able to help you lose weight safely.

Weight Loss – With The Power Of Accountability

Lots of people want to lose weight, but most people do not succeed, because they do not know how! Here is a look at a few things that will help you in this quest.

The Natural Way for Losing Weight Is Always Best

Taking exercise, eating healthily and getting involved in a weight loss diet may not be many people’s ideal way of conducting their lives but it does not seem that bad when the alternatives are analysed. Obesity is spiralling out of control throughout the world and the numbers of deaths as a result of this condition are constantly rising. Obesity accompanies a great number of other associated ailments that can also become life threatening if left undetected.

Maybe It IS Your Metabolism!

Perhaps weight loss used to be pretty easy. Then around age 40 to 45, suddenly there seems to be a problem. It’s like your body has shifted into reverse: clothes are getting tighter, and old reliable weight-loss methods no longer work. Actually, this shift starts in our 20s, when our metabolic rate-the total number of calories we burn every day-drops 2% to 4% each decade. The good news is that with a few important adjustments to diet and exercise, we can get our metabolism humming like it did when we were much younger. Here are some tips to help achieve that goal.

Women: How To Tone Your Upper Arms

Maybe you’ve been doing exercises repeatedly, you’re not getting desired results from your arms and you need to know about the good ways to tone your upper arms. Your arm is not only made up of only one type of muscle, biceps, but there’s another, the triceps!

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