Cholesterol and low-carb: What’s the “skinny” on high LDL? — Diet Doctor Podcast

Does an elevated LDL cholesterol on a low-carb diet confer the same risk as an elevated LDL on a standard American diet? We don’t know the answer for certain. But thanks to Dave Feldman and his colleagues, we may learn the answer sooner rather than later.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
3:06 Welcome, Dave Feldman
4:06 A rise in cholesterol for people on keto
12:05 Dave’s pushback in his research
20:14 Thoughts on the recent Women’s Health Study paper
29:39 Exciting news about Dave’s upcoming research
37:10 The concern about the data from a one-year study
43:26 What Dave hopes to achieve with the study
47:48 Switching saturated to mono-unsaturated fat in lowering LDL?
53:33 About Dave’s other work: Own Your Labs
1:03:49 Blood glucose and insulin on hypo and hyper caloric intake of low carb
1:08:40 Where to find Dave Feldman

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