Chicken Alfredo Casserole

Need to feed a crowd or looking to make extra to freeze for later? You’ll get plenty of servings in this super sized chicken Alfredo casserole recipe. But you can also scale it down for a small family dinner.



3.5 lbs chicken breast skinless and boneless
kosher salt
black pepper
Italian seasoning optional
3 tablespoons olive oil extra virgin
6 tbsp butter
6 tbsp olive oil extra virgin
6 cloves garlic minced
6 cups heavy cream
½ teaspoon white pepper
16 ounces mozzarella chopped or grated
¾ cup parmesan cheese grated
¼ cup dried parsley
32 ounces broccoli chopped
32 ounces cauliflower chopped
16 ounces mozzarrella sliced


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