Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

A quick and easy low-carb blue cheese vinaigrette dressing recipe made with balsamic vinegar. It adds an extra special touch to a plain tossed salad!



2 Tablespoons avocado oil
2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 ½ Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
¼ tsp dried oregano
dash salt
dash pepper
2 Tablespoons blue cheese , crumbled


Step Away From the Scales If You Want to Lose Weight

I love a bit of controversy! How can that be?

Why Use Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

Recently I happened to mention to a group of people that I was a hypnotherapist. What immediately ensued was a barrage of ‘can you make me run around like a chicken’ kind of comments.

10 Changes at Work That Will Make Everyone Healthier

Working the nine-till-five tends to put us down, especially if we’re trying to implement some sort of new healthy habits in our personal lives. I want to bring up a few ideas on how to influence not only your life, but your entire workspace’s lives by trying to create happier and healthier habits for the office. In turn, it could help the entire group dynamics and the best part is that hopefully it will leave everyone feeling good.

What Is Belly Fat, Why Does It Matter, and How to Reduce Stomach Fat

Learn about belly fat and why it matters in the quest to maintain a healthy weight. Also discover a few tips that are key to effective belly fat loss.

Give Yourself an Edge in Your Weight Loss Efforts

The probabilities of losing weight on a diet are significantly impacted by your social situation. If you live to yourself, for yourself, the chances of you succeeding on a weight loss program are diminished. If you are socially involved and active, the chances of you succeeding are much higher. You may need to move outside the place where you feel comfortable, but for your sake and others, do it.

Low Carb Dieting – Myths

Although pretty much all dieticians agree that cutting out sugar and refined flour is a good idea, there is still no consensus about low carb nutrition amongst professionals. Many scientific studies show low carb dieting to be not only not dangerous, but actually good for your health in many ways beyond weight loss. Unfortunately, some negative stereotypes still persist among some nutritionists and in the media. This article aims to bust some of the most persistent myths.

Suggestions For Foods That Help You Lose Weight Quickly

The foundation of losing weight lies in watching your diet and exercising. You can boost your efforts by incorporating weight loss foods to help you achieve your objectives faster. These foods will help to curb your cravings as well as make you feel full faster. They also contain less fat, salt and sugar meaning that you will not gain extra calories.

How Are You Handling the Setbacks?

My whole business and core belief system is based on positive thinking, so please don’t misunderstand today’s post! However, this week has been a week of setbacks and difficulties and dare I say it a somewhat trying experience.

The Best Ways to Burn Fat Fast

This article is an introduction to burning unwanted fat. It is designed to get you started to achieving the kind of body and figure you desire and others will admire.

One of The Best Weight Loss Supplements

Obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States as well as most other industrialized nations. For a lot of people, just changing their lifestyle is not enough to help them effectively get to a healthy weight. Bios Life Slim is one of the best weight loss supplements on the market today. It’s unique fiber blend helps your body utilize the carbohydrates. Bios Life Slim works synergistically with your body to help curb hunger, as well as utilize carbohydrates eaten and not store them as fat. Bios Life Slim is part of Unicity’s line of natural-health supplements. Unicity is the most trusted among health practitioners and is listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference, the nation’s most trusted source of pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements.

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