Ben Greenfield reveals natural ways to reduce blood sugars, the benefits of cold exposure, how to lose weight for good, his new book Boundless, and more!

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In this Keto Kamp Podcast episode, Ben Greenfield opens the show speaking about how he finds a work-life balance. Also, Ben talks about why he doesn’t respond to haters on the internet. Stay tuned as Ben gives his thoughts on the ketogenic lifestyle, how to up-regulate glucose transporters, and all about his book, Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging.

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[04:00] Finding A Work-Life Balance

[06:40] The Importance of Living Authentically
– We live in an era where there is loads of peer pressure from social media.
– Ben wanted to prove to the world that he was cool. He spent fifteen years of his life disconnected from his creative self.

[12:30] Responding To Hateful Internet Comments
– Ben does not engage to haters for a few reasons:
– It’s not a good use of his time.
– He can’t keep up.
– It’s draining.
– Ben would rather spend time with his kids than argue with people on the internet.
– You should try and outsource things that are not a good use of your time.

[17:25] The Inspiration Behind Boundless
– Ben decided to write a book about how to have all the energy that you want.
– He dives into digestion, hormones, fat loss, muscle, and everything about understanding the human-machine.
– That way, you can set up your life to give you all the energy that you want all day long.

[21:55] How Ben Does Keto Cycling
– Ben enjoys the mental benefits of ketosis.
– Now, Ben cycles in and out of ketosis.
– For active people and athletes, people can cycle in and out of ketosis each day.
– During the evenings, Ben will eat carbohydrates.
– There are longevity benefits of intermittent fasting. Ben does not eat breakfast – he enjoys fasting.
– If you do a hard workout between four and seven, then you will be more insulin sensitive in the evenings.
– Ben sleeps better when he saves his carbohydrates for the end of the day.

[34:00] Upregulation of Glucose Transporters
– Cold has an impact on glucose transporter upregulation. Ben says to try these methods:
– Two to three minutes in an ice bath.
– A five minute cold shower.
– A brisk thirty-minute walk outside.
– A dip into a cold ocean, lake, river, or pool.

[41:30] Surviving On One Single Diet
– You can get all the nutrients and vitamins that you need from meat.
– Humans can survive and thrive on an all-meat diet.
– Athletes need more carbohydrates. However, most people can get by on a carnivore diet.
– Many cultures have relied on plants and herbs as food sources and medicine sources.
– There is a social context to our diet too. We should be able to eat different elements and bring happiness to our life.

[47:30] Takeaways From Boundless
– There is loads of information in Ben’s book, Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging.
– Depending on what you are looking to learn about, you’ll want to check out different chapters.
– Overall, Ben wants people to understand their brain, body, and spirit better.

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