Are vegetables actually good for you? ANTINUTRIENTS explained with Craig Emmerich

Craig Emmerich reveals why plant toxins found in “healthy vegetables” may be leading to inflammation inside of the body. All disease begins in the gut. Discover how anti nutrients can cause leaky gut and autoimmune, and why the carnivore diet is the solution.

Craig speaks about his journey to the ketogenic lifestyle. Craig explains how plants can negatively impact our guts. Kale and spinach can be some of the most significant irritants to our guts because of their antinutrients.
Craig reveals whhich plants are full of these antinutrients, benefits of eating red meat, and we bust the myth that red meat causes cancer.


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[00:30] About Craig Emmerich
– If you eat foods that cause inflammation, you cannot heal.w

[05:30] How Our Gut Is Affected By Plants
– Plants can make issues in our bodies worse. Sometimes, it will even cause the issues.
– Your body wants nutrients. However, antinutrients are compounds that your body does not want. Your body will have to detox these antinutrients. There are thousands of these compounds in plants.
– Plants don’t want you to eat their leaves because it will kill the plant.
– Spinach and kale have oxalates in them in high amounts. They will irritate the gut and cause leaky gut.

[10:45] Antinutrients Found In A Keto Diet
– Lectins are a big problem.
– There are tons of compounds in our foods that can cause problems. Tannins are an antinutrient that is in grapes and wine.
– You can die if you get too many oxalates. That’s the problem with green smoothies.

[17:45] The Benefits of Eating Red Meat
– As far as red meats go, there is a huge metanalysis that was done last year. It looked at all the available information out there on red meat and cancer. They found that there is no correlation between red meat and cancer.
– When you eat red meat, there can be amazing improvements to your cardiovascular system.
– Try out the carnivore diet and see how it works for you.
– There are loads of vitamins and minerals in red meat.
– Focus on protein because that will be the best part of your plate. More protein is usually better, especially for people on a keto diet.

[24:40] How Fat Loss Works From A Metabolism Standpoint
– We process protein, fat, and carbs the same.
– Oxidative priority is how our body will process our fuels. When you eat a meal, you have hundreds of calories flooding the bloodstream. The body has to prioritize how it will use the fuel.
– The last priority for the body is fat because we have a massive amount of fat storage; it is easy for the body to store fat.
– Alcohol is the number one priority for the body because you cannot store alcohol. When you eat with alcohol, the body has to deal with the alcohol first.
– The body doesn’t want to use protein as a fuel; it wants to use it to repair cells.
– If you cut out alcohols and keep your carbs to a minimum, then fat will be your own variable. Adjust your fat levels based on your goals.

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