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After health coaching thousands and thousands of people from over 111+ countries…

I’ve made a few observations that you could say reveal the dark side of fasting (and just health in general)…

Here they are.

1: People fall in love with fasting, and do too much.

When someone experiences weight loss and vitality with fasting, they want to do more of it because it makes them feel great…

I’ve seen too much of a good thing turn into a bad thing…

They sometimes do too much which ends up weakening their immune system and slowing down their weight loss.

They feel like they should fast more.

And that’s not usually the case.

I’ve also seen the second thing happen…

2: They don’t change their fasting schedule

I think this happens to many people. We are creatures of habit.

They reach a point where they think they’re doing well…

And then they get comfortable.

Allow me to ask you this…

If you did the same exercise at the gym over and over, would you still get results?

The answer is no. You would plateau. 

But that’s where many make the mistake with their fasting schedule. They stick to the same routine, and the body hits a stall.

This video outlines 5 ways to get better results with intermittent fasting.

This video is great for intermittent fasting beginners, or those who have been doing intermittent fasting but hit a weight loss plateau. Discover the best foods to break a fast with, does coffee or other liquids break a fast, and more!

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