4 Reasons Why Long Term Ketosis is Bad For You

Discover why long term ketosis is bad for you. The long term keto diet effects your thyroid, testosterone and other hormones. Learn how to practice a cyclical ketogenic diet with Keto Flex. 📚 Order Keto Flex Book Today: http://www.ketoflexbook.com

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01:03 The history of keto, and why keto is technically not a diet. Ketosis is a metabolic process. The goal is to achieve metabolic flexibility so you can burn fat and burn sugar without a problem.

02:00 The first reason why you don’t want to stay in ketosis for too long…

The keto dies does have longterm risks…

When you stay in ketosis for too long, you can actually hit a keto plateau or weight loss stall.

As levels of body fat drop, your primal brain, whom we thought we had trained to accept a high-fat diet and fasting, will be aroused and will begin to object.

It will issue the command that your body must preserve its precious fuel. In response, your body will actually slow down fat burning—all for the sake of survival!

When you stay in ketosis too long, the body starts to rebel, and conserve its fuel. A good analogy is if you lived out in the woods and you had stored 500 logs of firewood to heat your cabin for the winter. These were your reserves, because you could still go out and chop more firewood. So if you had to dip into these reserves, you wouldn’t be worried.
But now it’s early March, and snow still covers the ground. It’s been a tough winter and you haven’t harvested many trees, and you see that you’ve got only 50 logs left. That’s a very low supply! Suddenly you’re reluctant to use them because you don’t want to run out. When you had 500 logs, you didn’t care about burning them.
The same thing happens with your body fat. This is why when you stay low carbohydrate for too long, your body will slow down fat metabolism.

05:40 The second reason, thyroid problems with long term ketosis.
Dangers of keto diet long term include thyroid function, especially for women.

T4 is the inactive form of thyroid, it needs to be converted to T3 which is the active form used by the cells. Do you know which hormone helps with this conversion? Insulin.
Low thyroid hormones cause a drop in levels of insulin, the hormone needed to transport sugar from the blood to different cells throughout the body. Chronic low insulin levels slow down cellular function, including muscle contractions and basic brain function. Over longer periods of time, low insulin levels compromise this T4 to T3 thyroid hormone conversion.

08:25 The third reason, testosterone deficiency.

What I’ve seen reviewing lab work over the years is too much SHBG leads to lower testosterone levels, and not enough SHBG leads to an increase in estrogen; both can be problematic for men and women. Long term ketosis can lead to either of these.

09:50 The fourth reason, leptin resistance can contribute to side effects of keto diet

In order to achieve a sustained state of ketosis, you need to occasionally boost your levels of leptin and send the signal to your brain that higher levels of leptin are normal, and that you need to keep eating. This is another reason why the “flex” part of Keto Flex Lifestyle is so important.

14:20 How long should you stay in ketosis? I teach 60 days in my book Keto Flex, then we start flexing using the two protocols below.

The first way to practice keto flexing the 5-1-1 rule

17:05 the second way to practice keto flexing 4-2-1. How often should you cycle out of ketosis? With this approach it is 2 days out of the week where you carb cycle.

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📚 Order Keto Flex Book Today: http://www.ketoflexbook.com

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