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Stop focusing on weight loss. Start focusing on cellular health.

We don’t lose weight to get healthy, we get healthy to lose weight.

The real cause of weight gain… cellular inflammation.

What causes cellular inflammation?

High levels of insulin = storing fat
Low levels of insulin = burning fat

2 slices of wheat bread spike glucose more than a snickers bar or 12 ounce can of soda!

Fat does not make you fat. Fat barely touches the dial on insulin.

Eat foods that elicit a healthy insulin response.

Follow clean keto, avoid dirty keto.

These are keto friendly foods.


Stay away from dirty keto foods

Vegetable oils (132 days of cell membrane inflammation)
Trans fats
Artificial sweeteners (sucralose aspartame)

2: Add intermittent fasting to your ketogenic lifestyle and skyrocket your fat loss efforts.

Wallet/Bank account analogy
382 days
My favorite IF schedule is 18/6

3: Break your fast the right way.

// T I M E S T A M P S

01:10 Why losing weight with keto starts at the cellular level. This is how your fat burning hormones help you burn fat.

02:20 Why our cells and hormones love quality fat on the ketogenic diet

03:23 The number 1 cause of weight loss resistance, weight loss plateau on keto, and symptoms in the body from keto

04:29 The role of insulin on weight gain and weight loss resistance. This is why keto is such a powerful fat loss approach because it helps you reduce insulin with diet.

05:15 How glucose and insulin works inside of the body

05:55 The first way to follow keto for weight loss is focusing on clean keto vs dirty keto.

06:30 Avoid these bad fats on the ketogenic diet. These are dirty keto leading to inflammation and weight loss resistance.

07:00 The worst keto sweeteners vs the best sweeteners for keto.

07:20 The best fats to eat on keto.

08:00 The second way to lose weight with keto is adding intermittent fasting to the protocol.

08:25 Burning sugar vs burning fat analogy from Dr Jason Fung

10:05 The best intermittent fasting schedule for keto.

11:29 The third way to lose body fat with keto is breaking your fast the right way without gaining weight

12:25 The best foods to break your fast with.

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