3 Advanced Tips For Intermittent Fasting | Ben Azadi

Ben Azadi reveals 3 intermittent fasting tips for pros. If you’ve hit a fasting plateau, and would like to take your intermittent fasting results to another level, watch this video. You’ll learn the best fasting schedule for weight loss, how to enhance autophagy, and the benefits of dry fasting. 📚 Order Keto Flex Book Today: http://www.ketoflexbook.com

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Stopped getting results with intermittent fasting? If you’ve hit a fasting plateau, discover 3 quick intermittent fasting tips.

You’ll learn about dry fasting for weight loss. What is dry fasting? THere’s two types of dry fasting (hard dry fast) and (soft dry fast) which Ben Azadi outlines.

If your goal for fasting is to achieve cellular repair and clean up, learn about autophagy fasting during this video.

Ben also shares his favorite fasting schedule for weight loss, the best ways to break a fast without gaining weight, ingredients to enhance autophagy, and more.

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